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Wanyue E-commerce Livestreaming System
The Wanyue E-commerce Livestreaming System is an all-in-one platform that integrates live streaming and short-vide e-commerce, online shop operations, community building, and group-buying functionalities.
  • Live-streaming e-commerce
  • Short-video e-commerce
  • Live-streaming tipping
  • Live-streaming beautification
  • Marketing and promotion


Text interaction enables users to communicate through written messages, promoting a collaborative and interactive environment.

Text Interaction

Real-Time Interaction

Live streaming tipping, also known as live stream donations, refers to the act of giving monetary support or virtual gifts to content creators during their live broadcasts.

Gift Giving And Rewards

Earnings From Live Streaming

A type of e-commerce where sellers showcase and sell their products in real-time through a live broadcast to an online audience, who can purchase items directly from the stream.

Shopping Cart

View Sales Items

Live streaming beauty filters, also known as virtual makeup or augmented reality (AR) effects, are digital tools used during live broadcasts to enhance a person's appearance in real-time and create a more polished and attractive visual presentation.

Beauty Filters

Various Special Effects

Live streaming sales volume, also known as live commerce sales, refers to the quantity of products sold during a live streaming session by an individual or business using real-time video and other interactive features to engage with and sell to an online audience.

Sales Display

Display Product Sales Volume

Local upload refers to the process of transferring data or files from a device located in the same physical location as the computer or server being used.

Local Upload

Upload Mobile Videos

Liking and commenting" refers to the actions of expressing approval or adding feedback to online content by clicking a button or icon on a website or social media platform, which allows users to engage in discussions and share their opinions with others.

Like And Comment

Interact With Text Messages

Product recommendations" refer to the suggestions made by a website or application to users, based on their browsing and purchase history, in order to promote relevant items or incentivize further engagement with the platform.

Product Recommendation

Recommend Product Information

Online recording allows users to capture audio or video directly from their device and save it remotely for future use.

Online Recording

Support Direct Recording

Forwarding and sharing enable users to easily distribute content, messages, or information to others within their network or on other platforms.

Forwarding And Sharing

Multi-Platform Forwarding

Users can easily share and distribute information about our latest product releases to their network or across other platforms.

New Product Launch

Introduce The Latest Product

This means the act of communicating one's personal experience and thoughts about using a particular product or service with others.

Share User Experience

User-Generated Reviews

This means the act of subscribing to or monitoring updates and news related to a particular product, such as new features, releases, or changes in availability.

Following product updates

Product Information Of Interest

This refers to any form of media or content that has been created and shared by users, rather than by the official creators or owners of a platform or service. This can include posts, comments, reviews, photos, videos, and more.

User-Generated Content

User Posts Shared Content

The act of distributing or exchanging images, photos, graphics, or other types of visual media with others for the purpose of communication, promotion, or entertainment.

Image Sharing

Share Multiple Images



Beauty filter

Live streaming is a new type of shopping mode that integrates e-commerce and live streaming.

Consumers can directly place orders and buy goods online by watching anchors for product display and recommendation.


Multi seller


A variety of income ways, help enterprises offline drainage, online order conversion cash

Platform enterprises integrate partner supplier resources into the platform's self-operating system by means of consignment sales or direct sales,

establish multiple self-operating stores, diversify commodity and service categories, and integrate industry resources


Wanyue Livestream Shopping

Profit Model Introduction

Live online ordering/short video selling

Through livestream/short-view band goods, the anchor gets commission and the platform gets a percentage

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Profit from commodity distribution

Users distribute goods in the site to get commission, and the platform gets a percentage

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Advertising space rental to gain revenue

Rental wheel broadcast advertising and open screen advertising to merchants

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Give gifts to anchors on the air

Users who watch live broadcasts buy gifts and reward anchors by topping up their money on the platform

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Pay to recharge and open membership

Users pay to become premium members and enjoy platform discounts

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Wanyue Livestream Shopping

Application Scenario
Users can easily share and distribute information about our latest product releases to their network or across other platforms.

Clothing Sales

Brand clothes

Common household items include furniture, curtains, carpets, lighting fixtures, appliances.

Household Goods

Daily necessities

Common cosmetics include skincare products, makeup products and personal hygiene products.


Brand-name cosmetics

Common fresh fruits include apples, bananas, oranges, strawberries, grapes, watermelons, etc.

Agricultural Products

Fresh fruit

Common electronic products include mobile phones, computers, tablets, cameras, speakers, etc.

Electronic Products

Household appliances

Common fast-moving consumer goods include instant noodles, chocolate, biscuits, potato chips, candy, etc.

Fast Consumer Food

Snacks and drinks

Common outdoor equipment includes tents, sleeping bags, hiking boots, backpacks, etc.

Outdoor Equipment

Camping picnic

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